Petition Over Conisbrough Rents – Successful Protest

April 1957

South Yorkshire Times April 20, 1957

No increase for 33
Conisbrough Tenants Successful Protest

A petition signed by 33 residents of The Oval, Conisbrough, protesting against the recent increases in rent and rates, has brought results. The Urban Council have decided not to increase rents in these 33 cases.

At last night’s (Wednesday) meeting of the Council it was agreed that the 3s 3d (16.3p) increase per week which was to have started on Monday, April 15, “be not applicable” to the temporary houses (prefabs.)

The tenants also allege that the houses needed repairing and the fireplaces needed modernising, and the Council set up a subcommittee to investigate the whole question of repairs required to the prefabs.

The subcommittee will be the Chairman of the Council (Ald Ben Roberts, J.P.), and chairman of the Housing, Finance and Public Health committees and officers, and also the Medical Officer.

The Council received a letter from Mrs HM Shelton of 69 Windmill Ave asking the council to meet a deputation to discuss the rent and rates increase, and to receive a petition.

The Council have agreed to receive the petition, but they say no useful purpose can be served by meeting a deputation.

At last night’s meeting Councillor G Cheshire, J.P., said that if there was any need to have the whole question of the increase explained they would be ready to do so, adding, “I feel it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that we have no other alternative.”