Conisbrough There on a Wonderful Occasion (video)

March 1968

South Yorkshire Times, March 30, 1968

Conisbrough There on a Wonderful Occasion

When the largest aircraft cargo carrier in the world, the Lockheed C.A.5 Galaxy was ‘rolled out’ on official display at Marietta, Georgia, it was a far cry from Yorkshire for former Conisbrough residents Mrs. Ivy Stott, who was present by invitation to watch the ceremony.

Mrs. Stott formerly Miss Ivy Tyas, sister of Coun. A. E. Tyras describes the occasion as -‘One of the thrilling experiences of my life,” as she the stood among 30,000 TV cameramen, Pressmen, military dignitaries and attaches from all over the world. “And the most unexpected surprise of all was when we saw the President of the United States and his wife, daughter and grandson arrive in the Presidential plane quite close to where we were standing” she says.

Tense excitement

As he gave his speech and announced the unveiling of this magnificent aircraft, everyman was is suspense and such tense excitement seemed to prevail as slowly the plane was rolled into view of the entire world.

This was just one small part helping to build this plane, and just how far we bad travelled together since our marriage at Conisbrough Church 37 years ago. He is an engineer for the Lockheed Aircraft Company Georgia, and he has worked on aircraft for 30 years in various parts of the world. We have lived in Canada and the United States for 1.5 It years now and yet Yorkshire is very strong in my heart and Marlette people are so wonderful and so very interested In Yorkshire and England that I And myself relating much of my life back home to them.

Most wonderful

“I feel so proud that a little bit of Conisbrough was represented on this wonderful exciting occasion. My family still live on Castle Grove Terrace and my brother. Coun. A. E. Tyas and friend. Doreen still send me the “‘South Yorkshire Times” which I enjoy to the last word.”

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