Conisbrough U.D.C. – Streets Improvement – Damaged Lamps – Bus Complaints.

January 1957

South Yorkshire Times, January 26th, 1957.

Conisbrough U.D.C.

New  Streets Improvement Wanted Before Conisbro’ Take-Over

Coun. R. H. Shephard said at Wednesday’s Conisbrough Urban Council meeting that it was time something was done about the condition of the streets on the N.C. B.’s Ellershaw housing estate. ‘Before we take over the streets, we want them put in proper order,’ he said.

Only on Sunday, Coun. Shephard said, he met a man who complained his house had been flooded for a second time. The man said he had been told ‘to dig a trench so the water could run away.’

‘If I was that tenant I should try to claim damages.’ Coun. Shephard asserted.

Coun. Shephard hoped that speedy arrangements would be made for a proposed meeting between a subcommittee of the Council and representatives of the Coal Industry Housing Association or the N.C.B.

Ald. B. Roberts, J.P., Chairman of the Council, said, ‘Once we take over these roads the liability will be ours.’

Coun. G. Cheshire said, ‘The onus is on the N.C.B. If they want us to expedite the talking over of the streets, they must  meet us at an early date.’

At a Highways Committee meeting held earlier this month, it was stated that soil overspill on footpaths still occurred in several places on the estate, and, in addition, reinstatement was reqired to the footpath in Chestnut Grove.

Damaged Lamps.

Referring to wilful damage to lamps, Coun. J. Stewart said he was being button-holed by miners with complaints of having to go to work in the dark.

He appealed to the public to help the Council in their endeavours ‘to stamp out this menace.’

The Council approved a committee recommendation that the Clerk (Mr. R. F. Edwardson) take up with the police the question of supervision having regard to recurrent wilful damage.

Coun. G. Cheshire said the police were doing all that was humanly possible with their existing strength. ‘We should like the manpower to be increased so that we get more attention,’ he said.

Bus Complaints.

Members of the Council expressed concern that the introduction on Monday of the new motor-bus service from the Ellershaw Estate, Conisbrough, to the Highwoods Estate, Mexborough, had apparently been accompanied by a reduction in the trolley-bus service.

Coun. D. Sheldon said that the 7 a.m. trackless, which had always been regular, had been knocked off in favour of a motor bus which was not running to time.

Ald. Roberts said, ‘We don’t want people stopping from work because the ‘buses aren’t convenient.’

Coun. T. Hill thought the Council should work in conjunction with Mexborough Urban Council, who were also affected. He thought they should get to know how many tracklesses had been knocked off to make way for the diesel buses.

It was agreed to write to the Mexborough and Swinton Traction Company about the complaints.