Conisbrough UDC – Ambulance Delay – Prefab Houses – Apprenticeships – Denaby Baths

September 1946

South Yorkshire Times September 7, 1946

Ambulance Delay
Conisborough U. D. C. to Make Strong Protest to County.

A disturbing story of the experience undergone by a young woman from the Conisb rough Urban District Tuesday through the delay in the arrival of an ambulance to take her to Doncaster Royal infirmary for immediate operation, was related by Coun. D. Sheldon, J. P (chairman), at Wednesdays meeting at Conisborough Urban Council.

Strong dissatisfaction.

The council expressed strong dissatisfaction with the ambulance service provided by the West Riding County Council for Conisbrough patients, and it was resolved that the county authority be asked for an improved type of ambulance to be supplied, as the present type was considered wholly unsatisfactory, and, further, that the County Council be asked to arrange for a nurse to accompany all ambulance cases.

Coun. Sheldon said the previous night at 8 o’clock a doctor ordered a young woman to be sent straight away to Doncaster infirmary. He went himself to order the ambulance, but could not get through to Bentley. At 10 pm the woman’s brother rang up Bentley again, and the telephone exchange told him that they could not get any answer at Bentley. Finally he went across to the police station and they telephoned through to the Bentley police, and eventually the police had to face someone out. At 10.50 the ambulance arrived and the young lady was admitted to hospital and operated on straightaway for appendicitis.

That was a case which the Council could deal with right away, Coun. Sheldon said. The ambulance was one of the open back type, and in his opinion, it was not a suitable one to take the case of that kind. The driver stated when the police instructed him to go to Conisborough that he had only just gone on duty.

Coun. Kelsall recalled that when Council representatives met County representatives on the suggested ambulance service, the Council were promised that there would be a 24-hour service. He moved that in making the protest they asked the county representatives who met them on that occasion to meet them on this matter.

Coun. R. Shepherd seconded Coun. Kelsall’s proposal, which was adopted.

Coun. G. Cheshire declared that the service would never be satisfactory until there was a nurse available to deal with patients in transit.

Prefabs soon

Coun R. H. Shepherd, Chairman of the Housing Committee, regretted that it had not been possible to secure an apprentice Master for the council’s apprenticeship housing scheme, and that they had not yet received any of the temporary houses for their Elm Green Lane site, but the surveyor (Mr A. W. R. Taylor), had reported upon and interview with the Ministry of Works architect in charge of the scheme, who had stated that the bungalows could be expected on September 16th.

Direct Labour and Apprenticeships

The Ministry of health had given approval to proceed with the preparation of plans and occasions for the erection of a further 54 houses at Conanby.

Coun J. T. E. Collins, referring to the apprenticeship scheme, suggested that the council should get some scheme of direct labour house building. It was time they had some houses built and occupied. A recommendation was that the points system in operation for the letting of prefabricated houses be used for the letting of permanent houses, one third of the house is to be allocated to ex-service men and two first two applicants other than ex-servicemen.

Denaby Baths

Objection was voiced by Couns. Shepherd and Collins to decisions by a subcommittee of the baths committee that the Baths Hall be reserved on Saturday evenings for municipal dances. Coun. Shepherd felt that some Saturday should be left open for charitable organisations.

The chairman pointed out that this committee had been given plenary powers.

The council levied a rate of 11s. 9d. In the £ for the half year ending March 31st, and also decided to inform Mexborough Urban Council that the suggested date of September 13th for the proposed Mexborough – Conisbrough – Swinton – Old Denaby and Adwick on Dearne amalgamation conference is unsuitable owing to local holidays, and suggested instead that the third or fourth week in September would be more suitable.

The Council are to protest to the Ministry of transport against the proposed increased fares to be introduced by the Mexborough and Swinton traction Co. as from September 23rd, and to ask for an immediate enquiry.

Before the meeting the members stood in silence in tribute to the late Mr Irad Webster, a member of the Council from 1924 – 30, and to the late Mr Charles Bashford, a member of the old Conisbrough parish council and a co-opted member of the Urban Council’s library committees.