Conisbrough Urban Council – Doncaster Plans Concern Conisbrough

October 1946

South Yorkshire Times, October 12, 1946

Conisbrough Urban Council
Boundary Revision
Doncaster Plans Concern Conisbrough

Coun. D. Sheldon, J. P. Chairman of Conisbrough Urban Council, announced at the council meeting on Wednesday that a letter had been received from the local government boundary commission, informing the council that an application had been received from the County Borough of Doncaster for an alteration of their boundaries and, as Conisbrough was affected, Doncaster had been asked to send Conisbrough Council a copy of the application and a map showing the extent of the proposals.

It was also revealed by Coun Sheldon that the Urban Council were to ask the Mexborough, Rawmarsh and Swinton councils to join Conisbrough in approaching the Ministry of Transport with a view to arranging a joint enquiry into the decision of the Mexborough and Swinton traction Co to increase their fares.

Home helps.

Coun. G. Cheshire drew attention to the need for the provision of home helps in the district, upon which matter it was decided to approach the West Riding County, and pointed out that when the school leaving age was raised the position of having no home helps in the area would be aggravated.

Coun. H. Gomersall declared that he was very dissatisfied about the position. “There has been so much lip service given to the scheme that one would have thought that something tangible would have been forthcoming, but we find that there is nothing concrete,” he added.

County Coun. B. Roberts, J. P., Stated that some of the pit absenteeism had been caused by the lack of home helps.

A light is to be installed in the old men’s retreat in Denaby War Memorial Park, Coun R. H. Shepard reported, and Coun. J. T. E. Collins wondered if a similar retreat might be erected in Coronation Park, Conisbrough.

The chairman pointed out that the matter should first have been raised in the horticultural, allotments and pleasure grounds committee, but the surveyor (Mr A. W. R. Taylor) would no doubt have taken note of what Coun. Collins had said.

Contractors, Coun. Shepherd stated, were to be contracted for an early demolishion of air raid shelters. And Coun. M. P. Knowles asked that the first to be demolished should be those which interfered with yards.

Coun. Shepherd said that tenants were crying out about the shortage of gas mantles in the district. If the as mantes had to get up in the early morning and they had no mantels they could expect some absenteeism.

Coun. Gomersall replied that the Colliery companies gas department had received some mantles that day for sale the following day.

The council are to approach the board of trade about the scarcity. The council confirmed a recommendation that a new standard tariff submitted by the electrical distribution of Yorkshire, Ltd. For electricity supplied to the council houses of 1s. per week per house (with an additional amount in respect of each unit used) should be accepted for the new house is, and that the existing house is be brought under the same tariff.

A welcome was extended by Coun. Shepherd to the council’s former surveyor. Mr H. T. Thirlwall, who attended the meeting. On his retirement in April the council assured Mr Thirlwall that they would always be pleased to see him at any of their meetings.