Conisbrough Vicar to Give Pulpit Answers – Any Questions?

August 1946

South Yorkshire Times August 31, 1946

Any Questions?
Conisbrough Vicar to Give Pulpit Answers

Parishioners of St Peter’s Parish Church, Conisbrough, are to be given the opportunity of having their special religious problems dealt with by the Vicar, the Rev GF Braithwaite from the church pulpit.

In his September parish magazine, Mr Braithwaite says: “The purpose of a sermon is to set forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But unless this Gospel is closely related to the matters of everyday life, the sermon fails in its purpose.

In order that there may be no such failure I am asking you to let me know, in writing, of any point of Christian conduct that might be profitably discussed from the pulpit – over any problem or question that makes people think. There must be many in your minds today.

“What you ask will be treated in strictest confidence, and I will do my best to incorporate in my sermon some help or explanation of these points of enquiry. Please don’t be backwards with your questions. A knowledge of his people’s needs is a great help to any parish priest.

Please hand your request to me, or ‘post’ them in the Poor Box near the door.