Conisbrough Volunteers – Camp at Thoresby

June 1917

Mexborough & Swinton Times  June 2, 1917

Conisbrough Volunteers
Whitsuntide Camp At Thoresby

The B company (Conisbrough and Denaby) West Riding volunteers went into camp with the Doncaster battalion on Saturday.The battalion arrived at Ollerton station at 7:30 PM preceded by the officers and regimental band of the 4th Norfolk Regiment, the men paraded to Thoresby Park near Worksop.

Captain HC Harrison and Lt William Appleyard were in charge of the Conisbrough and Denaby Company. Guards of Honour were posted at intervals along the route. Each tent was occupied by 8 man, under the supervision of a Corporal. There were a number of spacious marquees in which meals were served. Tea was very welcome after a long march with a heavy kitbag and a rifle.

Saturday evening was devoted to unpacking and locating one’s bearings with respect to the camp.

Sunday was a strenuous day. The first parade was at seven. Sergeants from the Norfolk Regiment were attached to each section. The different sections were instructed in bayonet fighting, physical exercises, and rifle instruction. The men were afterwards massed for an open-air service, conducted by the chaplains of the Norfolk Regiment. Capt R.Pearson gave an excellent lecture on poisonous gases, with demonstrations. A number of volunteers went through the whole course of instruction in one day.

The whole of the battalion passed through the gas hut, and had the experience of the effect of poisonous gas upon the eyes. Trench fighting and grenade throwing were also very instructive.

On Tuesday a sham fight was arranged to show the method of manoeuvring for position, taking cover, and deploying. The various movements were explained by Col Ian Cambell, who expressedto Major Clarke and Captain Kaine his satisfaction at the improvement the men had shown during their brief period in camp.

After tea, the battalion left the camp and were cheered by the men of the Norfolk Regiment, were in turn were cheered by the volunteers. The band of the Norfolk’s accompanied them to Ollerton, where the volunteers entrained to Doncaster. The reverent W.A.Strawbridge, accompanied by the reverent H Dallimore paid a visit to the camp on Whit Monday.