Conisbrough Volunteers

August 1916

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 1916

Conisborough Volunteers

The local members of the Voluntary Training Corps of had a busy week. On Sunday they indulged in a sham fight, and on Wednesday evening they had the general meeting, when satisfactory progress was reported.

Sunday’s event took place between Clifton and Crookhill, and between 60 and 70 members turned out. Cmdr W Appleyard was in charge, and other officers present were:

Platoon sergeant F Smith, Sgt R Rich and Sgt Ward.

The attacking party made their headquarters at Crookhill, and the object of the defenders was to prevent them breaking through and taking a neighbouring wood. Some good scouting and outpost work was done, and the affair was said to be ended in a draw.

The general meeting on Wednesday took place at this Station Hotel and was presided over by Cmdr Appleyard. The secretary (sergeant F Smith) reported a satisfactory increase in the membership, which now stands at nearly 100. The Treasurer (sergeant Rich) reported a small balance in hand. The commandant, secretary and treasurer were heartily thanked for their work, and the opinion was general expressed that without the efforts of the three officers the Corps would not be in such a satisfactory position.

A discussion took place on the question of the provision of uniforms, and it was decided to appeal to the public for financial assistance. Those members already possessing uniform agreed to make a small weekly contribution towards the cost of uniforms for the others. It is believed that two platoons will shortly be formed at the Cadeby colliery, and if this is carried out the Conisbrough Corps will receive a useful increase in membership.