Conisbrough Want Denaby Thick Site for Housing

September 1951

South Yorkshire Times, September 22nd, 1951

Conisbrough Want Denaby Thick Site for Housing

Conisbrough Urban Council are seeking an Interview with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, to discuss the fate of land at Denaby Thick which the Council desire to use as a housing site.

The council already owe the land which is used for agricultural purposes.

Arrangements for the meeting are to be left with the Surveyor, Mr A.  W. R. Taylor.

On Monday the Housing Committee met the representatives of the Ministry of Local Government and Planning, the Ministry of Labour and the National Coal Board, and at the Council meeting later in the evening, the Housing Committee chairman, Coun. D. Sheldon, announced that they had decided to give the council all the assistance they could to acquire land which was necessary for the building the Council were contemplating during this year.

The Committee had decided to accept the allocation of 48 houses for 1951, consisting of 14 houses on the present site (Conanby No. 2) and 34 houses on the site proposed at the end of Denaby Avenue, Conanby.

“If we cannot finish these houses this year we shall not lose them.” Mr. Sheldon added. “They carry on under the five-years programme.”

County Coun. B. Roberts, J.P., said it was essential that the Council should have the land in Denaby Avenue so that they could get on with the building of houses.

The council approved a recommendation of the Finance Committee that application should be made to the Ministry of Local Government for consent to borrow £19,672 for the provision of 14 houses on Conanby No. 2 site (10 houses by Messrs S.G. and A.E.Burdett and four houses by Mr C Mollekin.

Councillor Sheldon also stated that the Council were trying to arrange for some samples of new fireplace is available in connection with proposed internal structural alterations for 264 Council houses to be on view as early as possible at “Elmhirst” (the surveyor’s offices) so that people who were interested and have a look at them.