Conisbrough War Memorial – First World War



The War Memorial beneath the Castle lists 174 men who gave their life in the First World War and 58 in the Second World War. Their names are listed below.As their stories and photographs are shown on the Web Site we will show the link on this page in honour of their sacrifice.

The names or initials shown in red are people who are not shown on the War Memorial or shown with a difference initial or name Victims Remembered Stories Told 61 To be found 113 New Victims6 Total Heroes 180

The Great War 1914 – 1918

Erected In grateful recognition of the supreme sacrifice made by the men of this parish ‘”lest we forget”

Anson. W

Appleyard G.

Appleyard, George – Killed in France

Appleyard. H

Ashford. W

Atkinson M.G.

Atkinson M.G. – Conisbrough Corporal killed

Baker. G

Balmforth P.

Balmforth Percy – Killed at the Dardanelles

Barker H.

Barker, Harry – Killed whilst leading his Platoon


Bashforth Arthur Bashforth, Arthur – Killed in Action Beecham H. Beecham H. – Missing – feard the Worst Bell, Walter Bell, Walter – Kilner Bros Worker killed in Action Bemrose. T Bennet A. Bennett, Alfred – 19 year old Fallen in Action Betts. J.W

Bingham. G.W

Birch, William Charles Birch Charles – Missing believed Drowned

Birch. W

Blades. J Bleasby H. Bleasby H. – Grenadier Guard dies.

Bowen. J.I

Breeze, William Breeze, J. William – Died of Wounds J.E.Brooke Brooke, J.E. – Killed in Action

Brown. E

Brown, Joseph Brown, Joseph – Killed in Action Burton. H.G

Buttle. G

Buxton W. Buxton, William – Shell striking Dugout – Give Mother My Love

Calladine. J.H

Cass. T

Chadwick. J

Chappell. J

Chipp. H

Cocksedge, George Cocksedge, George – Killed in France

Cocksedge J. Cocksedge, Private J. K.O.Y.L.I. Cole, Fred Cole, Fred – Died of Wounds in France Collier. D

Coope. C

Cooper J R Cooper J.R. – Conisbrough – Killed

Corney. J

Coulson. W

Crabtree. W.H

Crookes. F

Cross. J

Cross. W

Curtis, Henry Curtis, Henry A.B.S. Killed in Gallipoli Davy A. Davy, Arthur – killed on Active Service in France Dawson Aaron Dawson, Aaron – Conisbrough Soldier Killed Day William Thomas Day, William Thomas – Killed in Action

Dimaline. H

Drabble. W

Dungworth. H

Edwards. G.W

Elliott. W

Ellis, Joseph Ellis, Joseph – 18 Year Old dies of Wounds

Ellmer. R

Falkingham. H

Faulkner. W

Fiddler. J.H

Firth. A

Fitton C. Fitton, Charles – Confirmed Killed in Action Fitton T. Fitton, Thomas – Died in French Hospital

Foster. G.E

Gamble H. Gamble, Harry – Killed in France

Garside. G.H

Gleadall D Gleadall, Dennis – Died of Wounds Glynn T.W. Glynnn T.W. – Died of Wounds Goodier. H.V Goodrich Goodrich H. – Conisbrough Volunteer’s Death

Goulding. F

Graves. J

Green. J

Griffin. M

Haggar. W

Hague. A

Hague. E


Hall, James Hall, James – Killed by a piece of Shrapnel

Hall. P

Hanley. A

Hardacre R. Hardacre R. – Hospital worker Died in France

Hardy. F

Harrop. G


Hartley E. Hartley, Ernest – Died of Wounds

Hartley. E

Hartley. G.H

Hartley. H

Hinchcliffe. J

Hinchcliffe. L

Hinchcliffe. S

Hirst G. Hirst, George – Succumbed to Wounds Hobson, James Hobson, James – Killed in Action in France

Hodgetts. W

Holden. A

Horner W.H. Horner W.H. – Died of Wounds


Hornsby H. Hornsby H. Pvte – Conisbrough Terrier Killed

Horsman. C

Horsman. W.A

Howson. A

Hunt. A

Hurton. A

Hutchinson. A

Hutchinson. J

Hutchinson. J.S

Jones. R. W .

Keeling G. Keeling, George – Killed while leading an attack Kerr J.R. Kerr, John (1) – Wounded Kerr, John (2) – Military Funeral at Conisbrough

Kinsey. N

Knight C. Knight, Clifford – School Master killed in Action

Lawrence. R

Leggett. G

Lewis J.H. Lewis J.H. – Died in Hospital
Lewis W.E. Lewis W.E. – H.M.S. Clan McNaughton Lidster W. Lidster, Walter – Died of Wounds in France

Lifsey. T

Logan. E


Martin J. Martin, George – Down with Ship

Middleton. T

Needham Joseph Needham, Joseph – Conisbrough Soldier’s Death Needham, Joseph – In Memoriam Newall J.W. Newall J.W. – Killed by Shell Splinter

Nicholson. E.H

Nicholson. F.E

Nicholson. G.W

Page. W

Palmer. H

Park. G

Pearce. C

Pearce. J

Pearson. R

Peck P. Peck, Pvte W. – Killed in France

Perry. S

Poole. T

Porter. E

Power. J.T

Purdy C. Purdy, Charles – Died in Boulogne Hospital

Purdy. J.J

Revill H. Revill H. – Conisbrough Soldier Killed

Riley. T

Robinson. A

Rowe. G.C

Rutter H.M. Rutter H. – Killed in Action Sampson E. Sampson E. – Died from Wounds in Hospital

Sampson. G

Sargan Joseph Sargan, Joseph – Killed in France

Scott. J

Sewell T. Sewell, Thomas – Died on last Day of War

Shacklock. H

Shephard. A

Sleaford F Sleaford, Frank – Conisbrough – Killed

Smith. A.E

Smith. G

Smith N Smith N.A. – Headmaster’s Son killed

Smith. S.G

Spencer. F

Stacey H. Stacey H. – Died of Wounds

Starr. H.J.E

Stenton O. Stenton, Oliver – Semi-Officially Reported Killed

Sturgess. F

Taylor. R

Taylor R. Taylor, Robert – Died of Wounds in France

Teale. A

Templeton. S

Thomas J. Thomas J. – Cadeby Fireman killed in Action

Thornton. A

Wain. E

Wainwright. G

Wall. H

Watson, Sydney Watson, Sydney – Muffled Peal from Parish Church

Weaver. P.W

Webster. J

White. R

Whittaker T Whittaker, Thomas – Conisbrough – killed

Whittaker. W

Wilburn, Henry Wilburn, Henry – Missing – now reported fallen

Wilson. A

Wood A Wood, Alex – Conisbrough Soldier killed Wood A. Wood, Alex – Conisbrough Soldier killed

Woodward. F

Woodward J. Woodward, Joseph – Died of Wounds in France

Worth. G.T

Wright. L

Wright. W.E

Yates. G