Conisbrough Warship Week – Results

December 1941

South Yorkshire Times, December 27, 1941

Warship Week – Results
Savings Committee

The hon secretary, Mr E. Dabbs reported to last Friday’s meeting of the local Series Committee, Cllr David Sheldon, presiding, that the final total for the warship week was £73,894, made up of :

£10,487 in National Service Certificates
£5,060 in 3% Defence Bonds,
£403 in Savings Stamps,
£4,481 in the Post Office and Trustee Savings Bank ,
£17,500 in Serving Bonds,
£20,700 in loans free of interest,
£14,500 into 2 1/2% National War Bonds, and
£13 in free gifts.

Mr Dabbs said that the amount invested by the small investor was about £21,000, compared with £30,000 during War Weapons Week last February.

The small saver, he added, had done very well, though there was still some apathy which it would be the duty of the Committee to overcome.

Congratulations on the success of the Warship Week were read from the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Kingsley Ward) and Maj W Morris (Regional Commissioner for National Savings).

Councillor Sheldon said that when the idea of holding a Warship Week in the area was first discussed, he saw that £50,000 will be as much as they could hope to raise, but the figure now announced that set the standard for South Yorkshire, which would be hard to beat. The Committee, however, must not rest on its laurels, but must redouble its efforts to make local people save to the point of sacrifice.

When the question of the disposal of the Christmas Cards produced by local schoolchildren during Warship Week was discussed, Cllr Sheldon remarked that while on active service through the last war he received a bundle of 32 letters on one occasion, written by scholars of the Rossington Street School. He still had the letters and counted them amongst his most treasured possessions. He was certain that the Christmas Cards will be greatly appreciated by the crew of Motor Torpedo Boat number 215, and it was decided to forward them to the boat.