Conisbrough Woman On Bigamy Charge

September 1950

South Yorkshire Times September 16, 1950

A Conisbrough Woman On Bigamy Charge

32-years-old hospital nurse, Teresa Martha Dack, of Don Street, Conisbrough, who was sent for trial at Bristol Assizes in November when she was charged at Bristol on Monday with bigamously marrying Reginald Albert Bull at Bristol Register Office, was alleged to have told the police that she went through a form of marriage with Bull because of “the terrible life” she had had with her husband, Walter Dack.

Mrs. Dack was also stated to have told the police that her mother-in-law was always interfering in her marriage.

Det. Constable Leonard Bell, of Conisbrough, said that Mrs. Dack said in a statement that she was now a nurse employed in Scotland. She was only 15 when she first met Dack.

“We went together for four years, and I married him in Bentley. On our wedding day we had a reception at my mother’s house, but stayed the night at his mother’s, in deference to her wishes,” the alleged statement went on.

“After the marriage his mother was always interfering and he never did anything without asking her. In any arguments he always sided with her. “I did not want to have a family, but his mother wanted me to have a baby so that she could bring it up. My husband and his family did not like me going out alone and did not even want me to visit my mother.”

After her husband was called up and went abroad she became a nurse.

When she married Bull the registrar asked her: “Spinster?” She just shrugged her shoulders and left him to form his own opinion.

“I know I did wrong marrying Bull, not loving him,” her alleged statement ended, “but I had a terrible life with my husband.”

Mrs. Dack said that her marriage to Bull was not consummated.

Bull, a brewery worker, of Bedminster, Bristol, told the Court that Mrs. Dack did not tell him that she was married.

They parted at the end of his leave from the Navy, and did not live together again.

Dack, who gave his address as Mill Street, Marshgate, Doncaster, said that he had refused to divorce his wife.