Conisbrough Workshop Soon Takes Shape.

February 1964

South Yorkshire Times, February 8.

Conisbrough Workshop Soon Takes Shape.

A new feature is rapidly taking shape as part of the changing face of Conisbrough and the remaining section of one of the village’s oldest industries has found a new home.

Conisbrough brick works were established on the Sheffield road site at the junction with Clifton Hill about year 1843. Until three years ago the works owned by the Yorkshire Brick Company, were renowned as producers of the finest bricks in Yorkshire, but then the clay supply from the nearby quarry ran out and the days of the Conisbrough brick were ended.

Most parts of the old works have either been demolished or fallen into ruin, and the two 150 feet high chimneys, which once belched the smoke of industry are scheduled for destruction.

Still remaining are 14 electricians and fitters, who have used the old workshops as headquarters for a maintenance service and who are soon to be housed in a new 5000 ft.² workshop being erected nearby.

A Skeleton.

The building’s steel skeleton has taken shape. It took the erectors just four days to put up this initial framework and the whole building will probably be ready for use before the summer.

Engineering Section Manager, Mr James Lewis, of Clifton Hill explained that the workshop will make a considerable difference to the work of the maintenance men who are responsible for machinery at some 17 quarries and brickwork as far north as Pateley Bridge and as far west as Glossop. The older equipment will be transferred to the new shop, but a new 5 ton crane, will put an end to the manhandling of heavy machinery which is often brought there for repair, including such items as two ton grinders and rollers, which previously proved quite a handful.

The new building will include offices, a canteen and stores.

Moving house too will be Tonky, Tinky and Jonesy – three pet cats who will no doubt appreciate the new facilities.

The new building will be built with the Yorkshire Brick Companies own materials, manufactured in Mexborough