Conisbrough WVS Worker for Singapore

South Yorkshire Times Saturday, February 6, 1960

Conisbrough WVS Worker for Singapore

Mrs. Hannah Cocksedge, of 12, Old Road, Conisbrough, is off again on another trip for W.V.S. Her destination this time is Singapore to do welfare work with the wives and children of the Gurka troops stationed in Malaya and Singapore.

This should be a most interesting change as her last job in Germany was with the Services Welfare Club where she arranged recreation, entertainment and competitions for the troops stationed there.

The W.V.S. is sending her to Malaya after Singapore and Hongkong.

New sights and sounds and the chance to do a much appreciated job which she is greatly looking forward to—she will be met at the airport on Friday by another W.V.S member who will take her to her post.