Conisbrough Youth Council – Dual Membership Deprecated

March 1950

South Yorkshire Times March 4, 1950

Conisbrough Youth Council

Dual Membership Deprecated

At a meeting of Conisbrough Youth Council on Tuesday, it was decided to ask the local council to try to obtain playing fields for youth clubs in Conisbrough and Denaby. The Governors of Conisbrough Modern School have rejected an application by one of the clubs for use of their field, as it is in poor condition already, and it is felt that more use would ruin it completely.

A four-acre plot of land behind the Home Coal Carting Company yard at Conisbrough has been inspected, and is considered unsuitable at present. The land has been levelled by controlled tipping, and is covered with a foot layer of soil and weeds. The cost of converting it would be considerable, although one youth club have offered to do the work

The Chairman, Mr. J. Proctor, has asked for a discussion between Management Committees of clubs in the area on the subject of dual membership. It was felt that a person could not be loyal to more than one club, but that until all clubs can offer the same facilities there would be difficulty in enforcing such a ruling. It was suggested that leaders should try to dis.4uade members from belonging to two club.

The meeting was attended by the new part-time youth leader of Conisbrough and Denaby Club, Mr. Colin Jackson, who was elected from four candidates. He lives at Old Hill, Conisbrough, and has been a member of the club for nine years.