Conisborough School Board – The Clerkship

May 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 4.

Conisbrough School Board.

The Clerkship.

The ordinary monthly meeting was held on Wednesday evening. Mr W.W. Norwood presided, and the members present were: Messrs J. Gillott, J. Marsh, D. Robinson, E. Ravenscroft, J. Brocklesby and T.R.Booth. The clerk (Mr Allan) was also in attendance.

The Late Clerk and the Books

The chairman said with regard to the clerkship they had a most important question to arrange. They were, they were no doubt aware that a special meeting was called for the previous Wednesday, at which Mr Harrison, the late clerk, was to hand over all the books properly entered up-to-date, together with his full statement of accounts, to the new clerk, Mr Allan.

They met at that meeting, and Mr Harrison sent a note to the meeting, stating that he was sorry he could not attend; although he was not in a position to present the books, as he had not got them entered up, and therefore they met at the meeting for nothing. He was sorry to say that they were still in the same position. Mr Allan had informed him that he had two or three interviews with Mr Harrison lately, and got a correct statement from him, and he could get nothing. The books have never been touched since the last audit. There was nothing complete  and Mr Allan could not take over the books in the state they were.

Mr Booth: it’s a thick un!

Mr Brocklesby: how was the meeting of last Wednesday arranged?

The chairman: it was decided at the last monthly meeting, that at the attendance meeting the clerk should be present with his books completely made up.

Mr Brocklesby: it seems strange to me I had no knowledge of the meeting.

The chairman said it was entirely owing to Mr Harrison the black that they were in such a position. He could not see how Mr Allan could possibly take over the books.

Mr Booth: I don’t think we can expect that.

The chairman said in the meantime there was that important form, which should have been filled up and sent into the Department, and that was not done. They will recollect what bother they had had the last two or three years, and the Grant had been delayed too or three months due to Mr Harrison’s negligence in not having the form filled up. The book should also be clear before the form was sent to the Department. Mr Smith had to make a complaint with reference to some information which was not forthcoming.

Miss Marsh had handed him a book, which was a copy of the code from Mr Dyer, who asked that she should be supplied with a schedule from the Department for a special specimen scheme of instruction. They sent to Mr Harrison, on the 20th March, asking him to write for the schedule, but he had not done so. Until Mr Dyer received it she could not set the work for the ensuing year.

They were not able to commence with the proper routine work until they got the instruction laid down by the Department. That was another occurrence of Mr Harrison’s neglect.

Mr Brocklesby: it is unsatisfactory, but we shall have to deal with it. He thought that they should allow Mr Harrison if you more days, and if the books were not completed then, place them in an accountants hands, and deduct the cost from his wage.

The chairman said there was also some extraordinary statements with regard to the petty cash book, and it would be doubtful whether the auditor would pass one particular account.

Mr. Booth said that Mr Brocklesby suggestion was a good one, but he considered that the book should be placed in an accountants hands at once. He move that they be placed in accountants hands – Mr Robinson seconded.

Mr Allan (the clerk) said he had been to Mr Harrison’s during the week, and asked him if the books were ready but he assured him that they would be ready for that meeting. Mr Harrison said that he had not taken much interest in the work since last year as he thought of resigning.

The Chairman: he spoke the truth anyway.

Mr Brocklesby said it was a question to his mind, whether they should give him a certain time or place them with an accountant.

Mr Booth said he should adhere to his proposition.

Mr Gillot moved , an amendment, that Mr Harrison should be allowed seven days in which to complete the books, and if not, then to be placed in an accountants hands at his expense.

Mr Brocklesby seconded.

Mr Booth said they had been very lenient with him, and was now time that they began to strike.

Mr Robinson said that the notes said that at the previous meeting there was only a paltry apology.

The chairman said that Mr Allan did not want to cause any ill feeling to think that he had anything to do in the matter placing them in accountants hands.

Mr Brocklesby said if they had to take proceedings against him by allowing him the seven days, it would make their position stronger.

A vote being taken four votes were in favour of the amendment and one for the resolution. The amendment was therefore carried.

A meeting was arranged for Wednesday night to receive the books entered up or otherwise