Consequence – A Conisborough Champion

October 1905

Mexborough and South Yorkshire Times October 28, 1905

A Conisborough Champion
Successful Year in the Show Ring
Mr W Revill’s “Consequences” Record

The most successful exhibitor in the district this season in the show ring is undoubtedly Mr W Revill, of Conisborough, with his Bay pony, “Consequence,” and in view of this success a representative of this paper had a chat with Mr Revill on the performance of the animal. Needless to say, Mr Revill is enthusiastic when the pony is mentioned, and was courteous enough to supply us with the following information:

“Consequence” is a bay pony, standing 13.3, and is four years old. It was bred by Mr Gilbert Greenhall of Warrington, a well-known breeder. “Sir Horace,” was for four years a winner at the London Show, was its sire, and last year’s winner in its class (brood mare class), “Golden Foil,” was the dam.

“Consequence” made its first appearance in the show ring this season, and although laid up through lameness for a month, was successful in carrying off nine firsts and a second, at shows in various parts of the country, winning £35.

It is Mr Revill’s intention to show “Consequence” at the next Monday Show, in March 1906, and the animal should be successful in catching the judge’s eye. It might be mentioned that during the time “Consequence” was laid up, several important shows were held, including Barnsley, Penistone, Maltby, Hatfield, etc, and if it had been shown at those places the honours list and prize money would have been considerably larger.

“Consequence” obtained five firsts in the “harness” class, the show’s being, Thorne, Sheffield, Barnby Dun, Stainforth and South Kirkby. At Winterton, Scunthorpe, Haxey, Gainsborough and Armthorpe, seconds were awarded.

In the “saddle” class, at Barton on Humber, Scunthorpe, Norton and Armthorpe, first were carried off will stop at Barton quotes Consequence” beat the winner in that class at the great Yorkshire show, and at Norton beat Mr Robinson’s “Wigginton Sapphire” was judged first at the Doncaster show, where “Consequence” was placed third. Second prize in the latter class were captured at Thorne, Kirkton Lindsay, and Winterton.

a great future lies before this animal and Mr Revill is to be congratulated by all sportsmen in the district on its success. At the commencement of the season, before “Consequence” had appeared in the show ring, Mr Revill was offered a large sum for the animal, but refused to part with it.