Constable’s Mastication Disturbed.

November 1890

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 03 November 1890

Constable’s Mastication Disturbed.

John Wright, miner, of Denaby, was brought charged with having used obscene language AT Cudworth, the 28th June; and with having been drunk at Wombwell on Saturday night, and with having assaulted Police-constable Stansfield.

The first charge was proved.

On the second Police constable Stansfield said he was called to the defendant and another man, who were fighting outside the Station Hotel. He went away when ordered, but began fighting again a dozen yards away. Witness went to them, and defendant ran away. Witness arrested the other man, and defendant came behind and hit witness a furious blow under the left Jaw. The blow was a very severe one, and he was quite unable use that side of his mouth eating Sunday.

This was corroborated, and defendant was fined 5s. and costs on each the two first offences, and and costs for the assault —In default two months’ Imprisonment.