Contract Breaches.

September 1917

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Saturday 22 September 1917

Contract Breaches.

Colliery Engineman and Glass Hands Summoned at Doncaster.

At the Doncaster West Riding Court, today, the Denaby and Cadeby Colliery Company brought a claim for damages against Abe Finn, engineman.

Mr. F. Allen, who appeared for the prosecution said the claim was for damages for breach of contract. Defendant was employed as underground driver, and he had to look after the haulage repairs. When he was away the repairs got neglected, and the output of the pit in that district was affected. Defendant had been a most irregular attender. Since June 18 he had been absent 57 days without any reasonable excuse. He was in good health and well able to work, in fact, he was most excellent workman, or his conduct would not have been tolerated for so long.

A month ago was brought before the manager. Mr. Smith, and promised amendment.

They claimed £10, the maximum, although 10s. a day would amount to £18 10s.

Mr. Smith, the manager, said that in case of breakdown they had only one man instead two. Defendant had been absent about 15 days in five weeks.

The magistrates made an order for defendant to pay £10 and costs at the rate of 10s. week.

Leo Jennings and Bartholomew glasshands, Conisbro’, were summoned by Messrs. Kilner Brothers, of Conisbro’, for 10s. damages for breach of contract.

Mr. Baker, who appeared for the complainants, said the defendants left work on September 10. and had not been since. It was understood that they had gone to work in the pit in order to get more money. The damage was 30s. day and was still going on.

An order made for payment of 10s and costs.