Contractor Buried And Entombed Four Hours.

November 1931

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 12 November 1931

Contractor Buried And Entombed Four Hours.

A nerve racking experience befell W. Fletcher, of Denaby Avenue, Conanby, Conisborough, who is employed as a contractor in the Barnsley seam of the Cadeby Colliery, yesterday.

About mid-day his colleagues were horrified to see him buried fall of stone, estimated at about eight tons. Deputies and men rushed to his aid, and their efforts were directed by the colliery manager. Mr. W. Still, and by the under-manager, Mr. W. Criddle.

Communication was soon established with Fletcher, and the rescuers were heartened to obtain response to their inquiries. After nearly four hours’ effort, the entombed man was hauled out, and it was found that he was only suffering from shock and scratches.

His life was undoubtedly saved by a prop which took the force of the fall and kept the weight suspended from him.