Convicted Of Manslaughter – Penal Servitude For Denaby Woman

March 1946

South Yorkshire Times March 23, 1946

Please note the name of the Denaby woman has been changed

Convicted Of Manslaughter
Penal Servitude For Denaby Woman

Mr. Justice Cassels passed sentence of three years’ penal servitude at Leeds Assizes yesterday, on Ida┬áJones (40), married woman, of Barnburgh Street, Denaby, who was found guilty of manslaughter at Wath-on-Dearne, of Angela Winder (22), single woman.

Mrs. Hesketh pleaded guilty to performing an illegal operation on Miss Winder, who, it was stated, died after the operation.

P.c. Oldfield said that during the five years that Mrs. Jones’s husband had been serving in the Forces she had frequented clubs and public houses, and there was reason to believe that her association with people she met led her into this lapse. She could not be described as a professional abortionist, the constable said.

In April, 1944, she was sentenced to six month’ hard labour at Doncaster for cruelty to children by neglect.

Passing sentence, the Judge said women who indulged in these practices must learn that if death did not occur, it was still a very serious offence by reason of its very great risk, and if death did occur it was an offence of manslaughter in one of its worst aspects.