Cooking For the Girls? – Conisbrough Youth Club Suggestion

July 1956

South Yorkshire Times July 21, 1956

Cooking For the Girls?
Conisbrough Youth Club Suggestion

At the annual meeting of Conisbrough Youth Council on Thursday, Mr J. Proctor was re-elected chairman, Mr C. Jackson was elected vice-chairman and Mr F. Roberts was elected treasurer.

Officials elected were: auditors, Mr R. Walsh and Mrs E. Jackson; Representatives To Divisional Activities Committee, Mr C. Jackson and Mr F. Roberts; Athletic Sports Committee, Mr R. Walsh; Drama Festival Committee Mr Westlake; Swimming Gala Committee, Mr C. Jackson, and Number 9 Area Youth Committee, Mr K Collins and Mr C Jackson.

The chairman welcomed Mr J. Kaye, who was attending the meeting for the first time as representative for the Co-operative youth club in Conisbrough. In his first report to the committee, Mr Kaye said he had taken over as leader three weeks ago, and one of his first decisions was to alter the club closing time from 10 pm to 9:30 pm. The chairman said that this was a very wise decision, as the club was situated near some public houses which also closed at 10 pm. This change gave members of the youth club time to leave the vicinity of the public houses before “closing time”.

Mr Kaye also reported that in order to keep girls members of other high during the evenings, the purchase of a gas cooker had been considered. This, said Mr Kaye, would make it possible to serve hot suppers in the club. It was decided that Mr Kaye should apply to the County through the youth Council, for cooking utensils which, Mr Kaye said, would be beyond the means of the club after a cooker had been purchased

Concern was expressed over the non-attendance of some of the youth representatives in Denaby and Conisbrough. The secretary, Mr S. Bower, said that it was the duty of the leaders to attend meetings of the local youth Council, or alternatively to appoint a deputy from senior members of the club. It was also explained that any club was allowed 3 representatives. Their leader, one of the other adults and one senior member of the club.