Coronation – Conisborough Programme

May 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 14, 1937

Dinner for Unemployed
Coronation Films May Be Shown

A general outline of the proposed festivities for the celebration of the Coronation in Conisborough were was given in recent issue.

Since then several details have been settled and these include: the engagement of the British Legion Orchestra for the unemployed treat on the Thursday, and for the variety entertainment on the Friday; allocation of funds to the convener, Mr Thomas Oxley, of the provision of art is for the entertainment, for which there will be a charge of 6d and 3d.

The purchase of three 2 ½ yard union Jacks for the those schools not already possessing flags.

The inclusion of widows under 65 at the old folks Street; the allocation of 1s 6d per head for patients in the Fullerton Hospital, and to the headmaster of schools for gifts for the pupils from this area will attend the Blind and Deaf schools at Doncaster.

The fixing of the route for the parade of decorated motor cars and for the tradesmen’s turnout, this to be; Welfare Avenue (2 pm), Old Road, Conan Road, Dale Avenue, St Peter’s Road, Park Road, Morley Place, Church Street, Station Road, Doncaster Road, Denaby Main, Melton Street, Annerley Street, Bolton Street, Maltby Street, Tickhill Street, Wadworth Street, Loversall Street to Church Road by Memorial Park for judging.

The provision of Church souvenir programmes for children.

A brief timetable is as follows:


Old folk treat in large Hall, 4.15 first sitting, 5.30 second city, 6.30 entertainment.


8.00 parish church, holy Communion with special “intention” and prayer for their majesties and people of the empire

9.30 various churches, schoolchildren service of commemoration

10.30 Civic service at Parish Church; various times, children sports

2.00 parade of decorated motor cars and of tradesmen’s turnout

4.00 and 4.30 children’s teas and the various schools, presentation of Coronation mugs; judging of the decorated streets; dusk torchlight procession

9.45 fireworks and bonfire

10.30 dance in Large Hall


3.45 five first sitting, 5.00 second sitting of unemployed and wise for dinner in Large Hall, followed by entertainment

Friday (evening)

Variety entertainment in Large Hall.

Date to be fixed: schoolchildren cinema entertainments, when it is up to show the Coronation films.

Souvenir programmes are to be printed and distributed to all residents, as was done at the Silver Jubilee.

It is intended to distribute the spoons the gifts to the children from the West Riding County Council, and the various schools in the area today (Friday) and members of the Education Subcommittee have been deputed to make the distribution.