Coronation Day Passes Quietly (picture)

August 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 29 August 1902

Coronation Day Passes Quietly 

(picture from Wikipedia)

The Coronation was not the occasion of any great doings at Denaby, owing to the demoralisation of everything by the strike.

The only act of commemoration was a special service at All Saints, which was sparsely attended.

Many of the streets were gaily flagged, with various kinds of bunting, but that is all that could be said, as practically no interest was taken in the all-important event; indeed, it was scarcely a topic of conversation, and passed off remarkably quiet and uneventful. But there was a curious reverential quiet throughout the day and I do not doubt that many minds were centred on the event, even if we spoke but little of the crowning of our noble monarch.

Most of the shops closed at least part of the day, and those men who are still working at other collieries had the play day, wages being paid on Friday.

The arrangement for the event in June were carried out on the day previously arranged, and with everything thrown out of order by the strike it was almost an impossibility to arrange further treats etc.

Never, to my recollection, did any public event passed so quietly at Denaby, but he was not for the want of loyalty, and I’m sure my Denaby confreres will join with me in the wish “Long may he reign!”