Coroner’s Advice – In Case of Persons Catching Fire

February 1938

Leeds Mercury – Monday 14 February 1938

A Coroner’s Advice
In Case of Persons Catching Fire

Advice on how to act when a person catches fire was given by the Doncaster Distrlct Coroner (Mr. W. H. Carlile) at the inquest to-day on Florence Hill (11), daughter of Alfred Hill, miner, Sprotborough Street, Denaby, who was fatally burned while alone in the house.

Returning a verdict of “Accidental death,” the Coroner said: I think it should be known that the best way of dealing with person whose clothing is ablaze is to wrap something round them instead of throwing water on to them. This does not seem to have been known in this case. While I do not say it would have saved this girl’s life, there is possibility it might have been saved if this had been done.”

Norman Wilson Holt, railway shunter, Firbeck Street, Denaby, said he heard screams and found a girl with her clothes ablaze. He tore the clothes from her and took her to hospital. On the way he stopped a car and the driver drove them to the hospital.

Holt was complimented by the Coroner for his timely assistance.