Costly Amusement at Denaby

July 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 26, 1895

Costly Amusement at Denaby

James Sheldon, trammer, Denaby Main, was charged with breaking special rule 85 by interfering with a signal without authority.

Mr. Hickmott said that the rule in question provided that no person should without authority interfere with the signals. He went on to explain that there was a stationary engine at the pit bottom, which worked on “endless” rope that was only, in motion when men were in their working places.

A proper signal to give to set their machinery in motion was three raps of the rings.

At the time in question, when the men were changing shifts, a deputy name Sheldon heard electric bells begin to ring. Fortunately, however, it was rung more than the regulation three times, or the effect might have been disastrous. When spoken to the defendant used most disgusting language.

Enoch Sheldon, deputy, sworn, and colliaborated the solicitor’s statements

The defendant in defence urged that the rope was not running at the time.

Find 40s., Including costs, or a month