Costly “Bids For Fortune”

May 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 24, 1895

Costly “Bids For Fortune”

Richard McGraph, miner, Thomas Dolan, miner, James Kane, miner, Charles Chappell, glasshand, Walter Morton, Glasshand, Bernard Tyrrell, miner, Hugh Flannery, miner, William Fern, miner, John Lawrence, miner, and Fred Burgoyne, miner, all of Conisborough, was summoned for playing at pitch and toss at that place on 4 May.

Superintendent Blake said the case against Walter Norton was withdrawn, and Thomas Dolan and Charles Chappell were the only two defenders to put in an appearance.

PC Truman stated the case. It appeared that the constable come within 25 yards off where the men were playing, and he was able to watch them for some time. It was in new Wilson Street. He saw coins thrown up. He then made a rush and was successful in picking a shilling up. (Laughter)

PC Hirst corroborated the last witness’s statement.

Defendant: I was drunk at the time and lost a “quid” in the game. It’s going to be pretty expensive for me. (Laughter)

The magistrates entirely concurred with the defendant’s remark, fining them 2s 6d and costs and the other defendants, who did not appear 5s and costs.