Cottage House Rent and Rates

February 1920

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 21, 1920

Cottage House Rent and Rates

Many tenants of cottage houses have been somewhat alarmed by an entry which landlords are making in their rent books giving the amount per week of the rates for the current rating term.

It should be explained that the figures entered do not indicate the amount of extra rate which by law can now be claimed by the landlord from his tenants, but the object of the entry is to inform the tenant what portion of the money he pays weekly to the landlord has to be passed on by the latter to the rate collector.

The weekly amount paid in rates on a house for which the tenant pays six shillings a week is about 2s 4d., so that the actual rent retained by the landlord is in the neighbourhood of 3s. 8d

The cost of repairs and renovation takes some of this, and it is needless   to point out that under the present conditions the owner of cottage property is very hard, hit. There is no use in disguising the fact that directly the restrictions, which the law at present imposes on landlords in the matter of rants, are removed. there is bound to be a readjustment of rents to figures more in. Gordon with present day values.