Soldier – Cotton W – Denaby Soldier Captured

January 1915

Mexborough Times, January 30th 1915

Denaby soldier captured
A narrow escape

A very interesting letter was received this week from Private W Cotton, who is now a prisoner of war, by one of his friends in Denaby Main. He stationed at the Interning Depot, Groningen, Holland.

He writes. “We are a bit downhearted. Here, having to stop with armed guards over us all the time and I can assure you it is not as exciting as being in the trenches, and not quite as warm as when those `Jack Johnsons┬┤ were knocking about, and that was very often.

My friend and I were side-by-side so you can tell what a narrow escape I had. My friend was taken, but I was not long before I followed in his footsteps as a prisoner.

I should not like to have to go through the same again, for we were marching from Thursday night until early on Saturday morning, and our food was a piece of raw beef, about 4 inches in length, between two of us, so you can guess what we felt like when we reached the Dutch border. There was no chance to get anything, as the Germans were all around us. We could hardly stand for the want of food and sleep.

They allow us to our cigarettes, so I shall be pleased to receive some from you.”