Court Cases – Fighting At Denaby – Judgement Summonses – Sleeping Out At Cadeby

June 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 3, 1905

Fighting At Denaby
Two Irish miners, residing at Denaby, named Peter Flaherty and Thomas Curley, were summoned for obstructing the highway by fighting at Denaby, on the 20th May.

Curley appeared and pleaded guilty, and was fined 2/6 and costs, whilst Flaherty had 5/– and costs to pay.

Denaby Judgement Summonses
During the now famous strike at Denaby two years ago, the colliery Co. obtained orders against George Walker, now a miner residing at Little Houghton, and James Fleming, a miner, of Castleford, for £ 6 pounds odd for damages sustained by them by reason of the men leaving work without notice.

Mr. W. M. Gichard, solicitor, Rotherham now applied for an order for payment. Nothing had been paid.

Walker had offered to pay 10/– per month and he was prepared to accept it at 2/6 a week.

An order was made accordingly, and in the other case the usual order was made.

Sleeping Out At Cadeby
Two navies were parked up in custody charged with sleeping out in a hole on the new railway at Cadeby that morning.

Two police officers, in consequence of complaints, had stationed themselves near the railway, and found two prisoners in a hole.

They were committed to prison for seven days.