Cowardly Conisboro’ Character – 24 Years of Cruelty & Anxiety

July 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 09 July 1910

Cowardly Conisboro’ Character

24 Years of Cruelty & Anxiety

A well-known Conisborough man, in the person of Robert Jones, appeared in custody, charged by the police had been drunk and disorderly at the previous night.

PC Lockwood deposed to being on duty in Doncaster Road, Conisborough, the previous evening when he saw the prisoner, who was very drunk and was otherwise misconducting himself.

He was using very bad language, and the officer requesting him to be quiet, without much effect, however, and he had to be put under lock and key.

The prisoner was a very bad character, and the police had to visit his house many times an account of his conduct whilst at home.

PC Rutter corroborated the story, and said he was in company with the previous witness.

The wife asked to be allowed to make a statement, which revealed a deplorable state of affairs indeed. She told the bench she lived the life of a dog with her husband, who mistreated her persistently. He had kept her out of the house a week at a stretch. She had three young children, and they had been married 24 years, and during the whole of their married life she had a cruel and anxious time.

Prisoner last appeared before the Bench in May and was now ordered to pay a fine of 5/-and costs, or seven days.

The presiding magistrate’s events much sympathy with the wife, and advised her to apply for a separation order.