Craggs, Castle and Priory – Conisbrough Schools’ New Names ?

November 1950

South Yorkshire Times, November 18, 1950

Craggs, Castle and Priory

Conisbrough Schools’ New Names ?

The County Authority have accepted suggestions from Conisbrough Primary School Managers for the re-naming of three of their schools, but they are not in favour of Denaby Main School being titled The Large Hall. They suggest, that it should continue to be known as Conisbrough-Denaby Main County School.

Coun. D. Sheldon said that it had always been known as the Large Hall. To call it anything else would be a misnomer. But the Chairman, Conn. H. Gomersall agreed that it seemed “a queer title for a school.”

Mrs. Oldfield suggested that the County be offered the alternative of Denaby Park School, and the Managers agreed that this name be recommended.

The proposed new names are to be considered by the County Policy Committee in January.

The new names suggested for the other schools are:

Morley Place School—Conisbrough Priory School ;

Station Road—Conisbrough Castle School,

and Balby Street—Conisbrough Craggs School.