Cruel Step-Mother – Girl Beaten With Walking-Stick – ” Worst Case Ever”

May 1909

Yorkshire Evening Post – Saturday 15 May 1909

A Cruel Step-Mother.

Girl Beaten With a Walking-Stick at Denaby.

“The Worst Case Ever Before the Magistrates.”

A shocking case of cruelty came before the West Riding Magistrates to-day, the chairman (Mr. G. B. C. Yarborough) describing it “about the worst case they had ever had before them.”

The defendant was Mary Ann Haile, married woman, of Marr Street, Denaby, and she was charged with cruelty to her step-daughter, Minnie Haile 15 years of age.

Mr. Baddiley, who appeared for N.S.P.C.C., said that defendant was a drunken, dissolute woman. Minnie Haile was one of three of the father’s former marriage, and the defendant seemed have taken a dislike to her, and was continually ill-treating her.

On Friday, the 7th, she got the girl on the floor and kicked her unmercifully, and also thrashed her with a stick. Several neighbours went in at different times, and eventually removed the girl.

Minnie Haile, a diminutive girl, appeared in the box with a black eye and several bruises on her face.

Mr. Baddiley, Who gave you that black eye? Mother.

Has she done it before?—Yes. five times.

What did she thrash you with?— With father’s walking stick.

Witness added that she did not tell her father for fear of being hit again.

Mrs. Price, who lives two doors from the defendant, said defendant was frequently drunk. The ill treatment of the little girl had been going for two years.

Other neighbours also gave evidence.

Inspector Dolan. N.S.P.C.C., who saw the defendant in consequence of the complaint made, said that the only reply he got was. ” Why should not have a black eye as  well as me?

Dr. Twigg said girl’s face was much swollen. Then a lump on each side the face. The eye was bloodshot, and there was a large bruise over it. There was lump on the back of the head. There was also a bruise over right hip. The child’s condition was the result of extreme violence.

Defendant was committed to prison for six months.