Cruelty to A Horse

September 1897

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 07 September 1897

Cruelty to A Horse

Yesterday, at the Doncaster Borough Court. George and Joe Haigh, brothers, Conisborough, were someone for cruelty to a horse on the 31st ult.

It appeared that Inspector Robinson saw the defendant George charge of furniture van and two horses. He noticed that the horse in the shafts was lame, and that it was suffering from canker of the fore feet, from which there was a discharge of pus. The tendons were contracted.

The inspector put the horse up at the Wood Street Hotel, and called Mr. Parkin, itinerary surgeon.

Next day he saw defendant Joe Haigh at Conisborough and the defendant told him he knew the horse was going lame.

Defendants, who failed to attend, were each fined  20 shillings and 15 shillings costs