Cruelty to a Pit Pony at Denaby

June 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 10, 1905

Cruelty to a Pit Pony at Denaby

Another case of cruelty to a pit pony was brought before the Bench, when Mexborough Pony driver, named Albert Smith, was summoned for cruelly ill treating a pony in the Denaby Mine.

Mr W.M.Gichard prosecuted, and stated that on 23rd of May, about 10 o’clock on that night, the end of the working shift, the defendant was in charge of a pony named Prince, and was proceeding down the haulage road.

At that time the road was crowded owing to the men leaving their work and the men of the other shift coming down. The defendant with his pony attempted to pass those men who were making their way towards the pit bottom, and the result was that considerable disorder prevailed.

At last the defendant lost his temper, and kicked the animal very severely on each of its hind legs. The pony was of a very sensitive nature and amenable to quiet persuasion, but ought never to be struck. It was off work three days as a result of the ill-treatment.

Joseph Midgley, a corporal in the Denaby mine said on the date in question he was in the drift district proceeding to the pit bottom, at the end of the afternoon shift. The lad was attempting to pass the men going off work. Witness saw him kick the pony several times.

John Guest, head horse keeper, said when he gave the pony out to the defendant at 2 o’clock on the afternoon of the date in question, it was in good condition, when it was returned its hind legs were swollen. There were four marks on each leg.

The defendant, who had nothing to say, was fined 20 shillings and the costs. The chairman warning him that if he came there again he would be sent to Wakefield.