Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby Main

June 1887

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 17, 1887

Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby Main

Thomas Nolan, aged 14 years, a pony driver, was summoned for having cruelly ill-treated a pony in the Denaby Main Colliery on 18 May.

Mr H Hickmott prosecuted.

About 8 o’clock on the night named the defendant was driving a pony named Dash, along the “jenny top.”

The animal was going and pulling two full corves, in one of the wheels of which was a “locker”, the defendant having neglected to remove it.

The pony had difficulty in drawing the load, whereupon the defendant commence to kick it under the body. He was wearing clogs at the time, and his ill-treatment raised a lump about the size of a duck egg.

A youth named Dunnill, who witnessed the proceedings had been asked by the defendant to say nothing about there being a locker in the wheel.

In stating this case Mr Hickmott remarked that several months past there have been a number of cases of cruelty to animals in the pit. The manager (Mr Chambers) had determined to put down the practice, and he asked the court to assist him.

A fine of 21 shillings was imposed.