Cruelty to a Working Pony

April 1917

Sheffield Evening Telegraph, April 10, 1917

Cruelty to a Working Pony

Frederick Hagger, labourer, Conisbrough, was at the Doncaster court today charged with cruelty to a pony, and Fanny Brewster, the owner, was charged with causing the pony to be worked.

Police Constable Chiddy, whilst in the Doncaster Road, near the Great Central Railway station, saw Hagger in charge of an aged brown pony attached to an empty coal cart, and noticing that it was flinching, he stopped it, and found a large raw wound under the collar.

There was an old sore near the left shoulder and in contact with the collar.

The animal was in a poor condition.

Hagger was fined 20 shillings and Brewster 10 shillings.