Cunard Contract Makes No Difference To Denaby.

November 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 12 November 1910

The Cunard Contract Makes No Difference To Denaby.

The feet that the Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries Company has secured the contract for the supply of some 250,000 tons of bunker coal to the Cunard liners will in no way affect the ordinary working of what the two of the largest coal-producing mines in Yorkshire.

For years full time had been worked at both collieries and the coming or going of such a big order as the Cunard contract makes no difference to the usual output. If the coal does not go to one place there is always market for it in another, and the miners of the district would look on short time as a big sensation, which is not likely to materialise, with the great resources of the company available.

In an interview the other evening with a prominent official connected with the company, the writer was told that the securing of the contract occasioned no surprise.

” We have had them before.” he said “and now doubt we shall have them again.”

It may be stated that the big liners made several of their record runs when working with the Denaby and Cadeby bunker coal, which, at both pits, is one from the Barnsley thick seam.