Cycling Match

July 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 1, 1905

Cycling Match

A cycling match took place on Saturday between two well-known local wheel men, known as Tom, hailing from Sparrow barracks, and Andrew, from New Conisborough.

The stake was not very large, but nevertheless, great interest was evinced in the encounter. As is generally a case with this class of rivalry, the affair resulted in a fiasco, and it is simply wonderful that, at least, one of the competitors, is not an inmate of some hospital.

The race was fixed to be run from Conisborough to Balby Tram terminus, and back again, a judge to follow on another machine, as best he could, to see fair play. Andrew raced away from his opponent, and was well in front at Balby. On the return journey Andrew dallied purposely to allow Tom to come up, and eventually Tom took the lead.

This order was maintained until near home when Andrew wanted to go past, Tom kept crossing and re crossing, and preventing him taking the lead. At length Andrew made a spurt, and was just passing Tom, when the latter deliberately knocked him over into the hedge bottom, severely shaking the rider, and badly damaging his machine. Andrew borrowed the judge’s machine, and sped after his opponent, and on coming up to him, he coolly charged into his hind wheel, and brought Thomas to mother earth with a crash.

Result: both men drew their own stake, Tom to pay for damages to Andrew’s machine, as he was the aggressor