Damage at Old Denaby

August 1911

This Penistone, Stocksbridge and Hoyland Express – Saturday 12 August 1911

Damage at Old Denaby

Stephen Cooper, James Cooper, Benjamin Homer, Samuel Homer, Job Stringer, William Fretwell, George T Fretwell, Frederick Smith, Joseph Smith, John Humphreys and Humphrey Humphreys, all schoolboys, of Denaby were summoned for doing wilful damage to growing wheat, the property of William Scott farmer at Denaby on 23 July.

PC Shuker said that at 6:45 p.m. he was on duty in Black Lane, Old Denaby, and he saw the boys in the field of growing wheat. He watched them for four minutes. When they sign they all ran away. He found them all, told their parents they would be reported.

William Scott, who owns the field, said he had seen the wheat which had been trodden down by the boys. About half an acre had been spoilt, and he estimated the damage at 2s 6d each.

All the defendants were thereupon fined that amount.