Damage to Grass at Conisborough

May 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 4 1907

Damage to Grass at Conisborough

George Moreton, New Conisborough, was summoned at the instance of Mr Bosnin J Clarkson, for whom Mr Baddeley appeared, for having damaged growing grass.

Mr Baddeley said the proceedings were taken with a view to stopping men from continuing to damage the field. Something like two or 3 acres of land had the grass trampled underfoot. Mr Clarkson was continually sowing grass seeds and the men went there, some play football and others pitch and toss. On 15 April there were something like 20 persons in the field.

PC cousin said on Monday the 15th he saw the defendant in the field. Yet seen 20 other men, but was to follow it identify them. The field was a regular recreation ground. There were two or 3 acres where the grass was completely knocked off.

Mr Clarkson give similar evidence. He said the men played pitch and toss and were constantly finding fresh places. If he spoke to them sometimes they swore at him.

The Bench county a very serious thing for men to have property injured in this manner and imposed a fine of 10/-and 9/- costs, and 6d damage.