Damage to Growing Grass – A Timely Prosecution

May 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 24, 1895

A Timely Prosecution

Joe Smith, Tom Gregory, Henry PlaIstow, Thomas Wisedale, John Bird and George Fern, all from Conisborough, were charged with doing wilful damage to growing grass, the property of the Denaby Main Colliery Company at that place on fifth of May.

Mr Pawson appear to prosecute, said he was instructed by the Denaby Main Colliery Company to explain that they had a large area of land which will enclose for growing grass for mowing. They were prosecuting these people because they had been to a large amount of expense projecting this land and tried to keep the public out. They had spent, indeed, a sum amounting to £500. On this date the PC found 60 people treading the grass down. The defendant’s present express their sorrow through him.

PC Jarvis said that on the date in question he was watching this land. He first saw the defendant Plaistow and his numerous family come across, followed by the other defendants. This was at 330 in the afternoon. He procured their names and many of them gave false one. There was fencing all round the area and this are been broke down in several places and considerable damage done.
PC Hirst corroborated.

Mr Harry Wittey, manager at the pit, gave evidence as to the expense of the fencing et cetera. There would be 40 shillings worth of damage. The public were making a regular footpath across the fields between Conisborough and Denaby, and they want it stopping if possible. They didn’t press for a heavy penalty.

The other defendants were fined five shillings, damage 6d and5s 6d costs; the boys are fined 1s and5s 6d costs or 14 days.