Damaging Conisborough Castle.

October 1888

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 01 October 1888

Damaging Conisborough Castle.

Three bottle hands, named Arthur Hawksworth James Whitehead, and Henry Nokes, Conisbrough were charged at Doncaster with committing wilful damage on the 5th September.

It stated that Considerable damage had been done to the castle At Conisbrough by boys pulling stones out of the walls.

The defendants were caught the act, and the damage was laid at 5s.

They were fined Is. Each and 13s. costs.


Mexborough and Swinton Times October 5 1888

Wilful Damage at Conisbrough Castle

Arthur Hawksworth, Thomas Whitehead and Henry Noakes, bottle hands of Conisbrough were summoned by John Halliwell with doing wilful damage to Conisbrough Castle on 5 September.

Mr Newstead appeared on behalf of the prosecutors, represented Lord and Lady Yarborough.

Mr Halliwell said in consequence of complaints he examined the west part of the castle ruins and found that great damage had been recently done. There have been no less than 30 stones thrown down a few minutes before. He saw the three defendants engaged in unloosing the stone and when he went towards them they ran away.

On the Wednesday night the three defendants met him, and said they were very sorry for the damage they had done. The damage, which had been extensive to the ruins, was laid, in the case of the defendant, at the nominal sum of 15 shillings, but of course no amount of money could replace it.

He had frequently warned the three defendants. Only the day before this occurred one of them begged pardon for other damage that he had done.

Mr Newstead said that it was designed not so much to punish these boys, as to deter others from committing this damage. He would leave the matter in the hands of the Bench, and would not press the charge. Lord Conyers had recently died, and the castle now belong to Lord and Lady Yarborough.

Lord Auckland said these old monuments of antiquity must be properly protected. Had Mr Newstead not expressed the wish that the Bench should not be harsh the punishment would be greater. The defendants would be fined the costs 30’s shillings; one shilling penalty and their share of the damage