Damaging Trees – Batch of Prosecutions

May 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 04 June 1921

Damaging Trees

Batch of Prosecutions

On Saturday at Doncaster, a number of miners were summoned for damaging trees.

In the case of Walter Bridges, a Thurnscoe miner, Mr J.A.Baddiley, who prosecuted on behalf of a viscount Halifax, said that the damage was done to an ash tree to the extent of 15 shillings.

P.c. Jackson was in Lidgett Lane when he heard the sound of chopping in a wood adjoining, and upon investigation he found the defendant cutting down an ash tree. When told it was a growing tree, it is alleged he replied, “I don’t care whether it is alive or dead, I want some wood.” Some latitude have been allowed with respect to kind away dead wood, but the privilege had been abused. Unfortunately, a great many live trees had been removed.

Charles E Helliwell, gamekeeper, said 30 trees besides this one had been cut down.

A fine of 40 shillings and costs was imposed in the case of James Gladwell and Israel Booth, of Goldthorpe, it is said that the police court one of the men up a tree cutting off branches, while the other man was on the ground cutting them up. The damage was estimated at 7/6. The defendant said they had no coal, and these were dead branches. They did not think they were doing any harm.

Mr Baddeley said the evidence was that they were alive branches. Proceedings were not taken against people who took dead wood.

They were fined 20 shillings, including costs each to Conisbrough use, James A Keith and Ruben Bailey, for a similar offence, were fined 40 shillings each.

They were caught by a police officer near to the colliery offices, attacking a tree belonging to Captain Montagu. The tree was 10 inches in diameter, and was alive. The defendant said they had seen other people taken wood away from the Craggs, and they thought they could do the same.

Mr Frank Allen, for Mr Percy White, the agent, said he had got tired of letting people off.

The following men were fined for railway trespass:

Horace Senior, Colin Johnson, Fred Burdekin, Thurnscoe, 13 shillings and Walter Cookson, Thurnscoe and George Pugh, Goldthorpe 10 shillings each. They had been picking coal, and took a shortcut by way of the railway.