Danger of Clifton Hill Falling into Conisborough Clay Pit.

November 1927

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 03 November 1927

Road Fissure.
Danger of Hill Falling Into Conisborough Clay Pit.

On the south-western side of Clifton Hill, Conisborough, are the extensive Ashfield brickworks of the Yorkshire Amalgamated Products, Ltd.

From the summit of the hill to the bottom of the clay pit is between two and three hundred feet, and the beds of clay have been worked with view to maintaining the safety of the roadway up the hill, although the company owns the land right up to the boundary

A slight crack was noticed in the road surface almost at the top of the hill during last week, and this has since grown slightly bigger. The kerbing and surface water drainage channel at one side has developed a “fault.” A portion of the boundary wall has also fallen.

The crack is being carefully watched by the brickworks’ officials and the surveyor to the Conisborough U.D.C. (Mr. H. Thirlwall). There are about twenty houses on the opposite side of the hill so the brickworks, but these are much lower down the hill than the fissure is.

It may be that there is no danger to them. Clifton Hill is the main road to Clifton Village, Edlington, Braithwell, Maltby, and Wadworth.