Dangerous Offence.

March 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 6, 1897

A Dangerous Offence.

William Robinson, collier, Denaby, was charged with a breach of special rule number 101, at Cadeby Main colliery, on March 1

Mr Hickmott appeared for the prosecution, and said the prosecution was for the benefit of the men working.

By means of a model he explained to the bench the risk the defendant had run by not spragging his coal.

The defendant had holed 19 feet without setting a spragg, and had left it for the afternoon shift to come in, hoping that the coal would come down in the meantime.

The defendant pleaded guilty, and said he had set to spragg’s at the loose end, not thinking it would do any harm. He was very sorry for what had occurred.

Mr Hickmott said the defendant had hitherto borne a good character, but he must ask for a penalty that would be a deterrent in other cases.

Fined 30s including costs.