Dangerous Place

November 1890

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 28 November 1890

Dangerous Place

Allow me to exposit myself regarding a very dangerous place near the ” Three Horse Shoes Inn,’ in Conisborough. Just round the corner of the lnn there is a brook of water the depth of about 5ft., in which several persona have been more or less seriously injured by missing their way and falling into it, especially in foggy weather.

One resident fell into it and put his shoulder out. Another also fell in and received serious injuries.

On Friday morning Mr. William Billbrough, bricklayer, was going to his work at the Cadeby new pit when he missed his way and fall in owing to the dense fog, and was immersed in mud and water. He had to return home and change his clothes, and in consequence lost part of his day’s work.

It is high time this place was barricaded, and we hope the authorities will look into the matter.