Dangers in Conisborough

December 1890

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 05 December 1890

Dangers in Conisborough

A correspondent has been complaining about the dangers that are to be met in the pleasant little village of Conisborough.

It has been remarked that something ought to be done to remedy this. A great remedy is needed in Conisborough, and a great want is fact there owing to there not being any gas in the place. It is high time that a place of so much importance as Conisborough should be property lighted, as at present it is far behind other places of less consequence to this respect. Were there only good lighting arrangements made at Conisborough, one would be able to see the dangers which threaten pedestrians when on a visit to the place better than they now can be detected.

Station road is a dangerous place for anyone not connected with the town, and during the winter the darkness of this road is almost Cimmerian.

Something needs to be done is respect to the matter, and I hope soon to we proper arrangements made to provide better lighting.