Dastardly Outrage by Thieves near Mexborough.

August 1892

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 12 August 1892

Dastardly Outrage by Thieves near Mexborough.

Bertie Beevers, an employee at the Denaby Main Colliery, was charged with having stolen a number of fowls, belonging to William Crossley, living at Harlington, near Mexborough.

lt appears that last Saturday afternoon the prisoner and two other men visited the premises of the prosecutor. They had with them two dogs. One of the two men (who have not yet been apprehended) killed a fowl by means of a catapult, and seven others were then stolen. While the thieves were making their exit, George Crossley, a son of the prosecutor, called out to them. As they treated him with contempt, he hurried after them, but had no sooner reached them than be was knocked down and very violently assaulted.

Mrs. Day, a relative saw what was taking place, and ran to the rescue. She was served in a similar fashion, her face presenting unmistakable evidence of the force used by the men’s fists and feet. Information was promptly given to Police-constable Kendall, and he gave chase, capturing Beevers in a field. The two mates decamped, but it is slid they have been recognised.

On searching Beevers two of the missing fowls were found in his pockets.

The prisoner was remanded till Saturday.