Deadlock Continues In Cadeby Strike.

September 1969

South Yorkshire Times, September 27th, 1969.

Deadlock Continues In Cadeby Strike.

Yorkshire area N.U.M. officials yesterday denied that the Cadeby miners would be supported by 19 pits in their grievances were not met before a return to work.

Area Agent, Mr. Abe Collins, “South Yorkshire Times”that the men had been promised the support of these pits only if they returned to work to allow negotiations to be continued.

Mr. Collins addressed a meeting of the men earlier this week in an attempt to persuade them to return to work. but the men decided to stay out to continue their protests over the alleged misuse of market men in the pit.

Panel Decision

Mr. Collins said yesterday: “The South Yorkshire Area Panel pledged support, it is true, but only if the grievances were not met after a return to work.

“The men are still out but we hope they will go back after Saturday’s meeting in Denaby,” he added.

The strike is nearing the end of its second week, and a mass meeting of the Cadeby Miners is scheduled for Saturday to review the situation.

A Coal Board spokesman told “The South Yorkshire Times” that as far as they were concerned, there had been no change and the situation was still deadlock. “There will be no negotiating until the men return to work,” he said. The loss to the Coal Board in saleable tonnage of Coal since the dispute began in estimated at 24,000 tons up to and including yesterday.